Kozyra really pushes herself, exploring her own identity–fluid and malleable, feminine and masculine–and what she is capable of.

                      –Gregory Volk, “Art In America”

Katarzyna Kozyra is pleased to announce a casting call for an actor/actress to play the lead role in her an autobiographical film. Casting Call in New York is the third step in Kozyra's searching. Now she has got spirit - herself, the brain - Mor, a girl from the Casting in Tel-Aviv, and all she needs is a BODY - main structure of a person - to put all together and start work on film!  

Just come and try yourself in front of the artist and audience! Participation in the casting call offers the chance to participate in the latest project by Katarzyna Kozyra and play a role in her emerging full-length feature film!


Katarzyna Kozyra is looking for “Kozyra” and invites all to take part in a casting call for the role of the artist in her forthcoming autobiographical feature film. In Casting Call the roles of audience and artist are inverted; the viewers become creators, and the artist becomes an observer. This project continues to explore the notion of identity, which has always been interwoven into Kozyra’s work. Kozyra is the raw material for the resulting group performance, which is played out in front of the subject and a camera. The motto for the casting call comes from Kozyra’s au- tobiographical pseudo-documentary In Art Dreams Come True: “From my omnipotence comes my belief that I can accomplish anything, because potentially I am talented

at everything.”

What: Katarzyna Kozyra. Casting Call!

When: May 31 - Jun 1

Hours: 11 am - 6 pm

Where: Family Business Gallery

520 West 21st Street New York, NY 10011

Official Opening: May 31 at 6 pm

Contact: casting@katarzynakozyra.pl


Anyone can audition regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, origin, age, or previous acting experience.

After all, Kozyra has transformed herself many times, changing all of the above. In Olimpia, the cancer-stricken artist transformed herself into the Monet’s empowered beauty; in Men’s Bathhouse, she appeared dressed as a male, complete with a prosthetic penis; the series In Art Dreams Come True explored various clichés of gender, transforming Kozyra into a diva, a castrato, and a pop star.

Casting Call began at Kozyra’s solo exhibition at the Zachęta National Gallery of Art in Warsaw (Dec 2010-Feb 2011), where in an audition room visitors gave their own renditions of “Kozyra” before a camera, based on their impressions of her and of her works on view. The project was staged again at The Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv in October 2011, where participants could draw upon autobiographical information published by Kozyra for their performances.The dramatic difference in the presentations from the Polish and Israeli audiences has inspired yet another reincarnation in a new culture.The upcoming NewYork phase of Casting Call–the last part of the Warsaw-Tel Aviv-New York trilogy–will bring out new critical views of how an artist is perceived from a culturally different perspective, where the artist can grasp an opportunity to be seen outside the framework of notoriety that surrounded her in her native country.



Especially for the event in New York Kozyra prepared a special website with information about herself and her work. The set includes fragments of autobiography with photos, a short description of selected works and videos.

Spectacors can also see her works during the exhibition at Family Business Gallery (May 28 - Jun 2, 2012) 


Based on these materials the participants should invent a small part of performance about Katarzyna Kozyra, interpret it according to their own vision of the artist and act it in front of the camera. The performance should be no longer then 7 minutes. The participants have complete freedom of interpretation and they have to present their BODIES! The external requirements are rather vague: gender unimportant, looks un- important (although under-18-year-olds must show up with parents)


Among the participants Kozyra will invite selected individuals to collaborate on her film!

Katarzyna Kozyra’s controversial status in Poland is legendary and her works, never sensational for the sake of publicity, continue to elicit extreme responses and heated public discussions. Her installations, formally beautiful and poetic but driven by intense, confrontational content, often present her subjects without their full knowledge and/or consent. Through strategies of infiltration and exposure Kozyra’s works confront myths, taboos, and stereotypes and touch upon larger universal truths about human nature, private behaviors, and conventional standards of beauty. Kozyra is a graduate of the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw (1993). She has been awarded for her work with many Polish and international prizes, including the Polityka “Passport” awarded by one of the most prestigious Polish weeklies in 1997 and an honorable mention at the 48th Venice Bienniale in 1999.

She lives and works in Warsaw and Berlin.

Copyright Katarzyna Kozyra | 2012