Rite of Spring, video installation, 1999—2002

The work was inspired by Vaslav Nijinsky's choreography for Igor Stravinsky's ballet The

Rite of Spring, and produced as an animation. Version I is shown on six small monitors

arranged in the form of an inner and an outer circle (three monitors each), and shows a

fragment of the Dance of the Chosen Victim, lasting thirty seconds. Version II is on seven

large screens, arranged as above, and shows the animation of the whole, 4.5 minute long,

Dance of the Chosen Victim.

Summer Tale, video, 2008

Summer Tale is most recent film made as part of the In Art Dreams Come True project. It is

a fairytale story that in the finale gives way to gore-style horror. The plot takes us to a

lovely house and garden where a group of midget women lead an idyllic life. Into their

harmonious and organised world magically enter Maestro, Gloria Viagra and the artist

herself stylised as Alice in Wonderland. At first, the visitors arouse curiosity and are treated

with sympathy. But their strangeness violates the fairytale world’s unwritten laws, resulting

in a tragedy. Under an appearance of benevolence and openness hides a fear and hatred of

strangers. Music is the language in which the protagonists communicate here — feelings of

happiness or sadness are expressed in the form of opera arias.

Men's Bath, video installation, 1999

Produced for and first shown at the Venice Biennale, where the work received an

Honorable Mention. Men's Bathhouse consists of four simultaneous projections (each

lasting 8 min.) onto four 105 x 140 cm screens mounted within an octagonal architectural

structure, suggesting the interior of a bathhouse. The projections are visible both within and

outside of the construction. The screens show scenes from the footage shot at the Budapest

bathhouse, and show men's behavior at the bath while being filmed with a hidden camera.

The artist is disguised as a man and appears among the other men being filmed in the

bathhouse. A three minute film of the artist disguising herself is screened on the small

monitor situated at the entrance of the installation.                                                                                                                                         .


Casting, Warsaw, video, 2010-2011

Casting is a part of Katarzyna Kozyra`s project for a full length autobiographical feature film. The artist is currently in the process of writing the script for this film and searching for a cast. For Kozyra, the casting is an opportunity to look at herself from another perspective, from the perspective of a viewer who has been familiar with her work for many years, or of a viewer who is encountering it for the first time at the exhibition in Zachęta.



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